First ever online meeting of English Department staff

The meeting took place on 7 April 2020. więcej

Virtual Art Gallery

Stuck at home? Bored? Welcome to our Virtual Art Gallery, created by FA III year students who got inspired by Classic Scene, a poem by W. C. Williams więcej

International Afternoon 2020

This year the International Afternoon joined together Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Poland. All the students participating in Erasmus exchange programme met in the auditorium to give short presentations of their countries, and spend some time together in a friendly, informal atmosphere. The students prepared lots of snacks and sweets typical of their countries and the special attraction was a sample of Spanish and Turkish folk dances performed by the students. więcej

Visiting professor from Taiwan

The international links of our Department are becoming more and more extensive and go far beyond Europe, which is evidenced by a recent visit of Professor Lu Kuo-Ping from TamKang University in Taiwan. The lecture given by Professor Lu Kuo-Ping was focused not only on the history of Taiwan but also showed the many faces of modern Taiwan, together with its historical monuments, amazing nature and tourist attractions. Bearing in mind endangered environment world-wide, Professor Lu Kuo-Ping devoted więcej

Christmas Party 2019

Another December means another Christmas Party. We couldn’t miss singing Christmas songs and carols, tasting high-calorie pastries and cookies and, naturally, the best Christmas sweater competition. It was a novelty and nice complement to the meeting to see the students of German and Russian department participating in this year’s Christmas party. Hopefully, they will become regular attenders at this event. Besides, however nice it is to meet at Christmas time, maybe it is time to więcej

A visit to Krosno MECHANIK

Visiting local schools is an established tradition regularly sustained by our department as a way of maintaining regular contact with the local community. The lecturers of our Department routinely meet learners of English from local schools to present educational opportunities offered by PWSZ Krosno as well as giving lectures and organizing workshops on culture or history więcej

What do we know about China?

On December 12 we hosted at our department Prof. Junli Zhang and Prof. Deling Wang, lecturers from our partner university in China, Beijing Union University. Prof. Junli Zhang gave two interesting lectures on Chinese history and culture:„The Duration and Scale of the Chinese History: Inheritance and Innovation” and „Chinese Folk Culture: więcej
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