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Art of Argument - Intensive course 8-27 October (15 hours - 3 ECTS)


Dr Colin Swatridge, Miskolc University /Krosno State College

You are someone who has to argue a case: you have a speech to make, or a letter, article, paper, essay, or dissertation to write. You are a student (most of us are at some stage), and you have been given a title, or you have to choose one, that requires you to advance an argument. You have to read relevant articles, books, websites; you have to decide where you stand on the subject, and make a case in such a way as to persuade your reader, or readers, to agree with the conclusion that you come to. You may have to write just a couple of pages; or you may have to write a paper, or essay, of 5,000 words; or, perhaps, a dissertation of 40,000 words or more.

This course is designed to help you to do this.

You have probably not been asked to write about a subject: you have been asked to address a question. To do this, you will need to:

Ø  decide where you stand on the question

Ø  review what claims others have made

Ø  offer a counter-claim

Ø  support this claim with reasons

Ø  come to a persuasive conclusion.


Arguing is not about winning and losing. There are no ‘model’ arguments to be had, and there are no ticks for ‘right answers’. The most that you can hope to do when you write is to persuade a reader that your conclusion is as safe and sound as you can make it for all the reasons that you give. Likewise, when you weigh up the arguments of other people it is wise neither to be t3oo easily persuaded, nor too dismissive. You can be certain in an equation, but only rarely in an argument.


1. Methoology of games and funs - Monday 15.00. Turaszówka 8C
2. Games And Funs in Water      - Monday 18.00. Turaszówka swimming pool ul. Sportowa
3. Sport Activities             - Friday 16.30. sports hall in Turaszówka

Turaszówka - Wyspiańskiego street

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