The 4th Global Issues Conference Call for Papers


The 4th Global Issues Conference

 Worldwide, April 1st to 8th 2019


Call for Papers
The 4th Global Issues Conference will build on the success of the previous events.
GIC4 will be open to students and instructors from the GPE organization.
The conference is aimed receiving original presentations that explore the interconnected nature of the global arena today and encourage the sharing of local opinions. Global Issues Conference 4 will facilitate discussions on a wide range of topics which impact people across the globe.
Conference Format
During the weeklong virtual conference, there will be multiple sessions covering topics which have an impact across the globe. The conference will operate online and enable faculty and students to participate in the thematic sessions. Each session will be chaired by a faculty member of the GPE organisation and include presentations from various institutions giving a truly global perspective on the topics.
Presentations should be no more than 15 minutes in length and given in English.
Selected presentations will be published in a special edition of the GPEJ.
Call for Participation
As the GPE encompasses a wide range of academic disciplines and interests, the session topics provide a global perspective. We encourage presenters to deliver original presentations based on research and following academic standards.
The GIC4 asks for presentations on the following topics:
  • International Business and Economics
  • Global Environmental Issues
  • World Health Issues
  • Global Education and/or Methodology
  • Global English and Global Communication
  • International Politics
  • Global Social Challenges
  • Global Popular Culture
  • Guidelines for Presenters
  • Your presentation should be based on research that interests you
  • Find a suitable topic which fits the themes of the conference
  • Search for information in your library or on the internet
  • Create a thesis statement which explains your main idea, informs the reader what thepresentation will talk about and makes a statement which your work will defend orexplain
  • Decide how you will explore your thesis: Will you use material from other books andarticles to explain your idea? Or will you create a survey or observational study tocollect information?
  • At the end, give a conclusion about what you have found and how it connects to yourthesis
GIC4 Submission Form
To register and submit your submission, click to follow the link to the online submission form Global Issues Conference 4.
Or, cut and paste into your browser.
Please complete the required information and provide a 100-150-word description of your proposed topic by December 14th, 2018
If you have any questions, please email
The GIC Conference is organized by East Carolina University, USA, and Krosno State College, Poland

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